2D model

2D model


ImechTL2 is a 2D hydraulic software that develops using the ROE algorithm based on a finite volume method on a non-structured grid that allows simulation when the flow is no longer limited in the riverbed, building the flood picture as well as the direction and magnitude of the flow in the study area.

- ImechTL2 is one of the important tools, supporting a lot and useful in the research and calculation of hydraulic processes, including marine hydraulic problems.
- ImechTL2 has all the functions to solve the actual problem.
- Flow calculation, wave calculation and sludge transport calculation based on finite block method that is well suited to the shoreline and complex bottom terrain.
- This model calculates the flow and change of water level, the diffusion and decomposition loading processes of suspended and dissolved substances.
- The model calculates the processes of transporting sediments affected by waves, currents and a combination of flow waves.
- The sand sludge transport model is a combination model of laminated model, used to describe the processes of transport erosion and sludge deposition (adhesion sediment) or a mixture of mud and sand.
- The calculation model combines flow waves and sediment transport leading to morphological and shoreline transformation, and this process also affects the dynamic processes.
- The model calculates the transport and existence of suspended and dissolved substances. This model is used to assess risks, random incidents,...
- The model calculates the process of spreading and decaying dissolved suspended substances and is used to forecast oil spills, evaluate oil spill scenarios...
- The model calculates the development, decline and transmission of waves and waves into the coastal area.
- Coastal wave spectrum model depicts the spread, development and dissipation of short waves in the vicinity of the shore


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