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ImechTL1 model is a general 1D hydraulic model, which can be applied to solve many different problems related to river and canal networks.

- The expanded 1D hydraulic model is built, completed and applied in a number of flood control  projects across the nation.
- Friendly and easy-to-use model for detailed analysis, design, management and operation for river systems, channels from simple to complex duties at  high speed.
- The model is built to simulate hydraulic processes in natural rivers and chanels.
- Many modules are also intergrated into the Model  to calculate and simulate many different processes such as: transmission of substances, transport of mud and sand, flood forecast, erosion forecast and reservoir operation, water quality, run-off model ...
- The Constructions on the river also have different modules to simulate: bridges, sewers, spillways, pumping stations,...
- The process of dam collapse is also considered as a form of construction.
- Flood control simulation methods.
- Operation of surface irrigation and drainage systems;
- Designing channel systems;
- Study tides and water surges at rivers and estuaries.
- Calculate the water level, discharges and substances transfer in the river system such as: Red River, Mekong Delta, Huong River, Vu Gia Thu Bon River.
- Calculate the water level of contain areas that are associated with the river network through the system (quasi 2D).



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